Wattle, Blacktown

Easily described as the man of the house at Wattle, Paul is proactive, considerate and independent.

Paul has been with Forsight since 2014. When you ask any of Paul’s Active Support Workers (ASW’s) or his Home Services Manager, Nelly, about him, you are immediately met with a smile.

Proactive, considerate and independent are the words that quickly come to mind.

Joshua, one of his ASW’s, says with pride, “Paul is very independent and is very considerate of, and loves being around other people.”

When Paul first moved into his Forsight home, he would often feeling anxious, spending his time repeatedly opening and closing doors or kicking over bins. The ASW’s at Paul’s home supported him through this by creating a routine that he now strictly follows.

As Paul loves to be on the move, he will sometimes ride his stationary bike for up to an hour. He knows the routine of his home so well that if he knows it’s time for his blood pressure to be taken, and the equipment isn’t at-the-ready, he’ll stand at the office door as a gentle reminder that it’s time.

But one of the most significant steps that Paul has taken is, perceived as a simple one for many, but has changed the way Paul cares for himself.

To destress, Paul welcomes the comfort of a hot cup of tea and a couple of biscuits from the biscuit jar.  Initially this was prepared for him by one of his ASW’s and usually it was for morning tea.

With gentle guidance, support and oversight, today Paul will walk to the kitchen at 10.30am (if he’s not at his day program) and check the water level in the kettle. If it’s all good, he’ll flick the switch on and put his tea bag in his cup, waiting for the kettle to boil. He’ll make his own cup of tea, take his plate of biscuits and sit down at the kitchen table.

“Paul is a very independent gentleman, who just loves being around other people.”

Through guidance, active support and persistence, Paul has reached a milestone in his independence journey.

It’s now Sunday morning. Paul’s housemates are all home and it’s morning tea time. Paul’s popped two biscuits on a plate and is switching on the kettle as he gets ready to pour a cup of tea. He’ll check over his shoulder though to see if anyone’s been left out. If anyone is missing out, he will always be there to make a cuppa, to help them feel welcome and included.

A milestone in Paul’s independence journey.

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