Azalea, North Rocks

Sassy, intelligent and confident, Brooke has continued to thrive at Azalea, where she calls home.

Brooke moved into her Forsight home in January 2019. She is sassy, willful of her own likes and dislikes and loves attention. Her outgoing personality, intelligence and motivation has made her a very key part of her home at Azalea, in Sydney’s Hills’ district.

Brooke has severe cerebral palsy, is deaf and has a heart condition. At times she can also suffer from anxiety.

Brooke’s family started thinking about seeking a home for Brooke once she had finished high school. After Brooke’s parents both lost their own parents and had retired they escalated the search for the right type of home for their daughter. The search for the “right home” took 10 years.

Forsight understand that for many parents whose children have lived at home and have had parents cared for their children for over 20 years, the journey will not only be complicated in terms of finding a home that is “right” but is also overlayed with the emotional anxiety of letting go and learning to trust the organisation and the carers – as it was for Brooke.

Brooke’s mother Anne, reflected that the advice that was most relevant in seeking a home for her daughter came from those who knew her the best – her high school teachers, day program managers and other friends that they had with children of their own with disabilities.

“We feel confident that we have found the best situation for Brooke by placing her into the care of Forsight.”

Brooke’s mother, Anne, is happy to see that Brooke has found a place to call home.

Anne also said “It’s vitally important to have a concerned third party as involved as possible to provide a balanced opinion and encouragement when things get tough. We are fortunate to have an extremely knowledgeable daughter (who works in the sector) who has selflessly given many days of her time to guide and accompany us in this long and emotionally draining undertaking.”

For others this may also be a Support Coordinator that is close to the client and the family and understands the needs that are required in their new accommodation.

For Brooke’s parents, and her sister, who played a major role in the decision making of Brooke’s future home, their advice was simple – don’t leave it too late to find the accommodation that you and your loved one needs and wants. Anne mentioned “We were surprised and shocked when providers were happy to take Brooke even though it was obviously a most unsuitable place.”

And how is Brooke going now? Initially Anne and her husband thought Brooke would stay at Azalea for respite care but as time has moved on and Brooke has become more comfortable Azalea is where Brooke calls home.

“We feel confident that we have found the best situation for Brooke by placing her into the care of Forsight. Whilst they welcome our continued interest in Brooke’s care, I know they will make sure that all goes well with her if we overlook any details in her life.”

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