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Welcome home to independence.
2 months ago by Melanie McKendry
Easily described as the man of the house at Wattle, Paul is proactive, considerate and independent. Through guidance, active support and persistence, Paul has reached a milestone in his independence journey.
2 months ago by Melanie McKendry
From sitting on the couch for hours to visiting his parents on the Central Coast for the first time in nine years, Gary has reached a significant place in his wellbeing journey.
4 months ago by dante
Sue was 18 years-old when she first moved into the Pines, when Forsight was still in its infancy days. Thirty-two years later, Sue’s the perfect judge to explain how much her local community has changed in that time.
4 months ago by dante
With his infectious laugh and cheeky grin, Andrew Davis is the one person who’s guaranteed to turn a good time into a great one, especially when a dance floor is involved. And if there isn’t, he’ll happily improvise.

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