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Welcome home to independence.
2 weeks ago by Melanie McKendry
Spencer was the first person to move into Jasmine, where he now calls home. He's always up for a chat, and has endless stories about his adventures, the barbecue and his mates.
5 months ago by Melanie McKendry
Libby’s presence and personality are unmatched. She is cheeky, strong minded and effervescent.
just now by Melanie McKendry
Sassy, intelligent and confident, Brooke has continued to thrive at Azalea, where she calls home.
just now by Melanie McKendry
Through guidance, active support and persistence, Paul has reached a milestone in his independence journey.
just now by Melanie McKendry
From sitting on the couch for hours to visiting his parents on the Central Coast for the first time in nine years, Gary has reached a significant place in his wellbeing journey.
a month ago by dante
Sue was 18 years-old when she first moved into the Pines, when Forsight was still in its infancy days. Thirty-two years later, Sue’s the perfect judge to explain how much her local community has changed in that time.
2 months ago by dante
Andrew is the one person who’s guaranteed to turn a good time into a great one, especially when a dance floor is involved.

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