Supported Independent Living Group Vacancies

At Forsight, home is more than just a house – it is a place for our clients to belong, thrive and be their best. 

We provide Supported Independent Living group homes for people with sensory impairments across Greater Sydney. With 4 to 5 people in each home, we provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment with trained staff available around the clock for constant care and support, if required.

Living room of supported disability accommodation in Westmead Welcome home to Acacia.

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Our Homes

Our homes are managed by teams of professional staff trained in Active Support – where, depending on their needs, we do things with our clients, not for them.

As required, homes are staffed up to 24 hours, 7 days, and our team will provide every client with the necessary supports for:

  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • laundry
  • bathing
  • transportation to day programs / employment / allied health appointments

To be eligible to receive these supports within a Forsight home, you need to have or be eligible for SIL funding approval within your NDIS plan. This is listed under the NDIS Core Supports funding as Category 1 – Daily Supported Living.

Interested in moving into a Forsight home? Learn more about finding your perfect Forsight home or speak to us today.

How do I get SIL funding?

If you are interested in and suitable for a Forsight vacancy, we can help you apply for SIL funding.

  • Submit an enquiry to a Forsight home vacancy: Based on your accommodation needs and client compatibility, we will determine if you are suitable for the vacancy and apply for SIL funding.
  • Provide supporting documents for your SIL funding application: You can obtain these documents independently, through your support coordinator or our support coordination can assist you.
  • Meeting at the vacant home with our Services Development Manager and the Home Services Manager: To submit your SIL application, you will need to sign an Authority to Exchange Information form.
  • Processing your application: The NDIS can take 6 weeks to 6 months to process your application.

For full details of the process, please see this flow chart.

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